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Palutena taunts + custom moveset GIF set, as requested by a non-tumblr user.

(Again, really sorry for not being able to put this under the Read More, what with tumblr freezing the GIFs… orz)

Taunts (first 3 GIFs):

Up taunt

Side taunt

Down taunt

Custom movesets that were requested:

Angelic Missile (Side B)

Lightweight (Down B)

Super Speed, left + right sides (Side B)

Regarding the Palutena GIF set

Since GIFs don’t work under Read Mores, I’ll be posting it at midnight (in Pacific Time Zone; 4:00 a.m. in Eastern Daylight Time) on the 29th of September. It’ll be tagged with spoiler warning tags, but if you’re that worried about accidentally seeing it (and potentially spoiling yourself) you can avoid my blog or unfollow me.

♪Peace out~